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[fic] Echoes (drabble)

Title: Echoes
Pairings: Changmin/Kyuhyun
Summary: Changmin passes an angel while walking to class. Literally.
Rating: PG
Genre: AU
Word Count: 470

The sky opens up a downpour of rain. It's early morning and the clouds hang high in the sky while the sun warms Changmin's skin. Thick, heavy headphones adorn his chilled ears. He hugs his jacket closer to him as the wintry air swirls around him. The smell of rain invades Changmin's nostrils as he walks to class.

He crosses the busy street he's familiar with, sees familiar faces. But as he passes a group of girls giggling as he goes by, something sparkling near a cluster of trees catches Changmin's attention. Looking down at his watch, he notes that he has thirty minutes before his next class starts. The park is across the street, but the foliage glows in such a way that Changmin can't stay away.

He back tracks a little and searches until he finds the source of the glowing. Changmin stops immediately, rain collecting in his hair and sliding down his cheeks. What sits before him is a phenomenon, and probably the most beautiful one he's ever seen.

Wings spred before Changmin and feathers catch the sunlight, glistening while streams of rain fall into the leaves. Changmin doesn't know the person in front of him, doesn't know what is in front of him, but the only thing he can conclude is that angels do exist.

Changmin sits on his knees in front of the man – angel – before him. The angel's hair is drenched and water keeps his face wet, but he's shining. Shining brightly. Changmin swallows and doesn't say anything. Aware that the headphones are still placed on his ears, he yanks them off, hoping the angel hasn't tried to say anything and that he's missed it. Changmin wants to ask why he's there, if he has a name, where he came from. But all he does is admire his snow white wings, fluttering to keep the rain away. His fingers outstretched, Changmin leans closer to the angel, touching his cheek. It's smooth and soft, and he's positive he'd never be able to explain how the angel's skin felt beneath his fingers. His fingers trace small circles down the angel's throat, until he meets the hollow of his neck. There, in tiny characters, reads Kyuhyun. Changmin stares at what he assumes is the angel's name, the etched skin dyed a deep red.

“Is this your name?”

Squirming just a little, the angel tries to shake Changmin's touch, but no one really moves anywhere. The trees sway in the wind and the rain becomes a more distinct, powerful beat.

“Yes, I am Kyuhyun,” the angel responds, voice like honey and sends Changmin's insides through a loop.

Without much thought, and without any protest from the angel, Changmin leans in, pressing his lips against the angel's in the most unreal kiss he's ever had. 

a/n: orz I have no idea where this came from .___. I just had an image of Kyuhyun as an angel and here ya go.

Will I ever attempt a Changkyu chaptered fic? Lol who knows. Would you guys like that? o__o Psh I bet I could make a chaptered fic stemming from this drabble. Angels are so broad, but I know they've been done a lot before.

..anway. I hope you enjoyed. :D btw, I'm really bad at locking fics on time. But they do get locked! 

Tags: *crossover: dbsk/super junior, *drabble, fanwork: fanfiction, pairing: changmin/kyuhyun, rating: pg
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