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[fic] Tempest

Title: Tempest

Pairings: Changmin/Kyuhyun

Summary: Changmin runs into the angel he saw while going to class, but it doesn’t last long. This angel is dying.

Rating: PG

Genre: AU

Word Count: 675

A/N: Takes place after Echoes. You’ll need to read Echoes to understand what’s going on.


 one week later

The air outside is cold. Changmin leaves the warmness of the library to the falling snow of outside. Swirls of snow fall before his eyes and Changmin catches a few snowflakes on his gloves. Above him is dark, except for the streaks of white that stain the sky. Heading into the darkness of the night, Changmin begins his trek to his apartment.

Changmin tries walking under the street lamps to illuminate his way home. The lights are dim and start to fade the more he walks. There's a sudden wave of light all around him, and Changmin turns around, frozen in shock. The light is so powerful that Changmin has to squint before his eyes can adjust.

Before the him is the angel he saw a week ago. This time something is different. While the light that encompasses him is bright and overwhelming, Changmin can see it become weaker and lifeless. The angel, whose name he remembers as Kyuhyun, looks different. His face is hollowed and stark, as if any sign of life has been sucked out. His eyes don't glisten or glow, they're dark and void of emotion. The blood on the hollow of his neck, where his name is carved, looks infected. The blood has dried around the edges of his name. Changmin can tell Kyuhyun has scratched at it, because the in 규현 has become an unreadable syllable.

But the most noticeable difference in Kyuhyun are his wings. They're falling apart. The luminous white wings Changmin remembers have faded to a dirty, unpleasant off white. Changmin feels like something has punched him right in the gut. Nothing so beautiful should be diminished to this.

You're Kyuhyun, right?” Changmin asks.

But there's no answer. Kyuhyun's eyes roll to the backof his head, and he collapses on the ground with a thud, taking his light with him.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa whoa. Okay. Um,” Changmin kneels down next to Kyuhyun, shaking him in an attempt to wake him up. “Hey, hey, hey, wake up. You have to wake up.”

Starting to panic, Changmin looks around for anyone who can help. But there is no one. Just dark sky and heaps of snow surround him. “I can't just leave him here.” Changmin says and tries to adjusts Kyuhyun's wings so they're not in the way. “I'll just have to take him with me.” Changmin tells himself that this is the most reasonable thing to do, even if he knows that this makes no sense whatsoever.


It's about three in the morning when Kyuhyun wakes up. Changmin sits on the floor next to the couch where Kyuhyun sleeps, unable to sleep himself. When he wakes up, Changmin immediately stands.

Oh. You're awake? Um, do you need anything? You kinda passed out.” But Kyuhyun still doesn't say anything. He just looks out the window and sighs deeply. The life in in his face continues to drain. His feathers are starting to fall one by one, turning to ask even before they hit the ground.

Changmin watches Kyuhyun. He can't quite read the emotion that paints his features. Something like regret and longing, but Changmin doesn't see any signs of fear. The holes in Kyuhyun's wings send shivers down his spine. Just a week ago, his wings were beautiful and full; white and full of life.

I need to leave.” Kyuhyun says quietly, standing up and heading for the door.

What? Now? But it's a blizzard out there. You might as well just stay here.”

I know,” Kyuhyun says and stops to look at Changmin for the first time that night. “But I'm dying.” His words are soft; Changmin can tell Kyuhyun isn't scared. There's some kind of definitiveness in his words – like this was supposed to happen all along. “I'm sorry about all this. Thank you.” Kyuhyun opens the door.

Wait, I can -”

But Kyuhyun is gone – into the cold blizzard and the deceitfulness of the night.

 A/N: First it was raining now it's

So basically I would really love to make this into a longfic/chaptered fic. I've thought of ways to do that, but I'm not sure. So maybe I can just write drabbles that are based off this AU. I don't know.

...also what is if with lj's hate of spacing? All my posts have turned into block of texts. -___- I'm gonna have to work on fixing that. And I'm working on a new post format. We'll see how it goes.  

Tags: *crossover: dbsk/super junior, *drabble, fanwork: fanfiction, pairing: changmin/kyuhyun, rating: pg

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