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[fic] Reflection

Title: Reflection
Pairings: Luhan/Lay (layhan)
Summary: I'm looking right at the other half of me. You're my mirror.
Genre: fluffy angst? I have no idea.
Word Count: 560
Warning: lapslock, haven't written in months so it's a cliched mess.
A/N: I spent too long listening to this song while writing this.

luhan works at a donut shop and always smells like coffee when he comes home. yixing studies philosophy and art and comes how with calloused hands. luhan gave up on college after his first year and yixing's looking to graduate soon. yixing loves step by step and luhan takes giant leaps.

when yixing walked into the donut shop with his thick framed glasses and confused expression, luhan new he was in love.

luhan still remembers how the beat shook through his body and how the glitter fell in yixing's hair on their first date. he remembers there were lots of people and he remembers how awkward he felt when he tried to dance. but yixing just smiled and told him it'd be okay. luhan thinks that maybe any kind of love he had felt before this wasn't really love at all.

they're a naked tangled mess on the floor of luhan's shabby apartment. yixing lies on his back with his eyes closed and luhan lays atop of him, fingers painting petals over ribbons of skin he's never really felt before.

"yixing," luhan breathes, kissing gently on yixing's chest. "wake up."

yixing groans and his eyes open. "han. what?"

there's a gentle push on yixing's chest, right above his heart. luhan looks into soft brown eyes and pushes down again, fingers padding across the skin. "han," yixing says in confusion, eyebrows crinkling. "what are you doing?"

"when you look at me," luhan says, pushing again as he feels a rhythmic thrumming. "i can feel this."

yixing's features weaken and he doesn't break eye contact. he looks at luhan knowingly, like what luhan was doing made perfect sense even if it really didn't.

"why? why can i feel this?" luhan asks and his voice kind of cracks in a way that says he might lose this feeling, like whatever yixing's heart does when he looks at luhan will stop.

yixing doesn't say anything. he just stares at the older male and takes a deep, calming breath. in the silence, yixing raises his fingers and presses two of them against luhan's heart, pushing gently. he stares at luhan and feels something he can't really explain.

both their hands fall in sync and luhan sits up a little, a hint of sadness softens around his eyes and reflects in the way yixing holds luhan's hand. yixing trace fingers with his free hand down luhan's chest and stomach, a drop sadness here, a drop of hurt there; small specks of life and love shining through. yixing brushes specks of gratitude across luhan's stomach and small bubbles of curiosity down his thighs. luhan squeezes yixing's hand and blinks away a few tears as yixing sweeps a handful of beauty up luhan's arm. yixing's fingers crawl up luhan's neck, dripping small pieces of comfort and healing. across luhan's face yixing smear colors of love, dipped in hues of blue and white and yellows, a shining array of color until yixing's fingers stop on luhan's lips.

luhan's eyes look desperate as he stares down at yixing and he squeezes yixing's hand even harder. "what do you see when you look at me?" yixing asks.

"i just," luhan says hesitantly, words fumbling from his mouth. "i see me."

yixing smiles, sits up and cups luhan's face in his hands. "and i see you," yixing says and then kisses luhan.

a/n: i'm genuinely sorry for this :/
Tags: *drabble, fanwork: fanfiction, pairing: lay/luhan, rating: pg

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