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[fic] The Light I've Captured

Title: The Light I've Captured
Pairings: Kyungsoo/Jongin (kaisoo)
Summary: Kyungsoo sees a light and wants to grasp it. He has no idea that a certain young dancer is what's missing.
Rating: G
Genre: General? What would you call this.
Word Count: 500
Warnings: 3am ramblings, unbeta'd

Kyungsoo sees a light in the distance and reaches his fingers out to grasp it. But the purple sparkles slip through his fingers, leaving trails of blue mist to snake around his fingertips. He takes a few steps, snow crunching under his boots, and closes the distance between himself and the light. He reaches his hand out, this time earning a subtle yellow ray circling around his arm. Kyungsoo sighs and drops his arm from the wide space. Staring down at the ground he notices a puddle of blue and violet seep into the soles of his boots. There's slight sting and Kyungsoo shifts his weight to one side. When he bends down to touch the light, he scratches desperately at it, but when he raises his hand there's only dirt under his fingernails. Frustrated, Kyungsoo kicks a pile of snow so hard flecks of white dust cover up the little bit of light that had made its way to him. Eventually Kyungsoo sits down on his knees and presses both of his palms against the vibrant purple, blue and yellow hues, waiting for something to happen.

Kyungsoo can't feel his fingers after a few minutes, but specks of glitter swim over his knuckles and he lets out a choked sound of approval. When sunset falls over his wrists, Kyungsoo looks up at the sky and smiles a little, watching as the swirl of colors continue to glow over his skin. But just as the light travels up his arms and start warming his face, there's a sudden blackout and Kyungsoo's hands flail and desperately search the ground.

“What are you doing?” A voice asks and Kyungsoo sits back on his heels a little embarrassed.

“Nothing.” Is Kyungsoo's response.

Jongin doesn't look even remotely convinced. He makes a clicking noise with his tongue and the sound makes Kyungsoo nervous. “You're dirty,” Jongin says with a laugh.

With that, Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and stands up. “I was looking for something.”


Kyungsoo adjusts his weight again and stares at Jongin. A pocket of sunlight spreads across Jongin's face and Kyungsoo takes in a deep breath. His arms fall to his side and Jongin stares at him with curious expression. When a stream of purple softens around Jongin's jaw and hides under his neck, Kyungsoo tilts his head and watches as a streak of blue lights up under the younger's eyes. Warm specks of green he had never seen before travel down the bridge of Jongin's nose and a glimmer of pink shines on his lips. Kyungsoo takes a step closer and the light on Jongin's face intensifies until Kyungsoo stands directly in front of the young dancer.

“Are you okay?” Jongin asks and Kyungsoo can tell he's incredibly confused.

But this time when Kyungsoo reaches for the light it becomes tangible. The softness of Jongin's cheek and the warmness floods through Kyungsoo until he feels the brightness illuminate inside of him.

“I found what I've been looking for,” Kyungsoo says with a smile.

Jongin just laughs and a myriad of light shines behind him.

A/N: um okay. This is my first ever attempt at kaisoo so please don't kill me. :c this is kind of my desperation to cling onto writing, because I want to write so badly but ugh what to write? :/ anyway, that's irrelevant. Lately I've been having incredible Kyungsoo feels and people even tell me he's my bias now??? sigh. I refuse this still (clings to yixing), but I cannot deny that I absolutely adore Kyungsoo to pieces. (not to say I don't like jongin bc believe me I do). What the hell is the point of this a/n? Wow. Okay so basically this is a drabble to kick start some kind of creativity, i'm new to kaisoo (exo fic writing (not so much fandom tho)), and it's 3am i'm tired and should be asleep.

Yeah. That.

Also this was inspired by a great number of things, let me share those with you.

This picture. This one too. I listened to this and this. And I kinda thought of this one fic called Glitter and Ice I wrote awhile back which kinda sparked this.

So yeah

omg goodnight <3

Tags: *drabble, fanwork: fanfiction, pairing: jongin/kyungsoo, rating: g

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