Kellie (followtheleadah) wrote in landofmisfitoys,

help maybe??

lately i've been wanting to write a lot. i'm just not sure what. T____T

what have you guys been into lately? what inspires you? i wanna write something awesome tbh. that will wow even myself.

i'm totally okay writing fanfiction because i don't have any expectations for anything else lol. (did that make sense??) and my main focus atm is exo.

so yeah. talk to me!

if not here then on twitter because i'm really active there and sometimes i even forget lj exists lol.


i do have my account locked so if you give me heads up that'd be great!

so yeah. i hope you all are enjoying 2014 so far. c: i hope to write more this year! (i feel like i say this a lot but the itch to write for no reason at all is there a lot. i just need some kind of spark, maybe. hmmmm.)
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