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[fic] Lotus On The Water 1/?

Title: Lotus On The Water
Pairings: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun (baeksoo)
Summary: Kyungsoo is a college student who can see someone's future when he touches them. When Baekhyun barges into his life over some spilled coffee, Kyungsoo's not sure how his powers will keep up.
Rating: PG-13 (for harsh language)
Genre: Supernatural/Romance
Word Count: 600
Warnings: none for now!~

Monday morning. Kyungsoo stands in a long line at his favorite coffee shop before his first class. It’s too early. Like, 7:30 early. Kyungsoo knows 8 AM classes are a stupid idea, but it’s a class he needs for his major and they only offer it at 8 AM. He’s stuck no matter how he tries to see the situation. The bags under his eyes are prominent. He had spent the night before working on a project. He knows he shouldn't procrastinate until the last minute, but it’s over now anyway.

Kyungsoo’s knuckles gently brush against the back of the girl in front of him. He closes his eyes, trying to stop the on-coming vision. But it’s too late, he already saw the girl ordering a large vanilla latte with soy milk. He sighs heavily and rolls his eyes a little. Her drink order doesn’t matter at all to him. Kyungsoo wishes he could just stand in line for coffee without seeing anything.

It started when he was little. When he was learning how to walk and would grab onto his mother for support. He would see a flash and suddenly see his mother, wrinkly skin and gray hair. He doesn't remember most of the visions from his childhood. He doesn't even remember most of the visions he had last week. But when Kyungsoo makes physical contact with his hands, he's able to see a person's future. The worst part is the unpredictability. He never has any control of what he sees, how long he sees it, or if he actually even sees anything at all. He could know someone for years and touch them daily, and never have a single vision. They were mostly just flashes because the physical contact was never long enough to get a full reading of what would happen to that person. But Kyungsoo is mostly used to it now. He would accidently touch someone and see their drink order, what they were going to get on their final exam, how many chicken wings they were going to eat for dinner. These kinds of visions never really bothered him much. But when he touched for just a second longer than he wanted, and saw years into someone's future, that's when Kyungsoo started to get uncomfortable with whatever -- power – this was. Only his closest friend, Chanyeol, knew about it. He wanted to tell his parents throughout his childhood, but he didn't want to sound crazy, either.

After Kyungsoo orders his large black coffee, he makes his way to class. But the coffee doesn't last long. It doesn’t even last a full minute before steaming hot liquid soaks the entire front of his sweater. Kyungsoo grits his teeth, trying to shake off the hotness that he felt on his skin.

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit! I’m so sorry! I have this stupid oral exam in like, two minutes and I’m going to be late -- and fuck, that's probably really hot. Shit! I am so sorry! Here, um, here's my number. Text me later and I’ll like -- buy you coffee! Or a new sweater? Oh my god, I am so sorry, seriously. But I have to go. Really, text me!" The guy who had spilled coffee all over Kyungsoo's sweater was now writing furiously across Kyungsoo's hand.

Kyungsoo isn't able to say a single word while this guy runs off. He scoffs in disbelief at what just happened. "Byun Baekhyun," Kyungsoo mumbles and rolls his eyes for the second time that morning. "He's going to fail anyway."

A/N: This is a College!AU based in a fictional world so I don't feel so limited with Kyungsoo's powers. I'm not sure how long this will be. It just kind of happened on a whim. Comment if you happen to enjoy! Thanks so much!
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, pairing: baekhyun/kyungsoo, rating: pg-13, title: lotus on the water

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