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[fic] Lotus On The Water 2/?

Title: Lotus On The Water
Pairings: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun (baeksoo)
Summary: Kyungsoo is a college student who can see someone's future when he touches them. When Baekhyun barges into his life over some spilled coffee, Kyungsoo's not sure how his powers will keep up.
Rating: PG-13 (for harsh language)
Genre: Supernatural/Romance
Word Count: 1000
Warnings: none for now!~

Kyungsoo likes art. He spends his free time in front of a canvas, paint staining his fingertips and ink across his arms. He carries a sketchbook with him always, and when he has a random spark of inspiration, he pulls it out and draws on the corners. He likes painting on mugs and walls and shoes. When he's nervous or bored, he likes to doodle on his hands. Kyungsoo loves art. He loves expressing himself without words; he likes experiencing emotion and interaction through mediums other than words.

But Kyungsoo's not an art student. He does take an occasional art class, but he's not an art student. He doesn't like the confinement or the limitations. He doesn't like deadlines or presenting his creations to people. He likes to be quietly observed. But he knows the challenge is good.

Instead Kyungsoo studies people. How they used to live, how they live now, how they interact, how they evolve and communicate. Kyungsoo studies people from a distance. He does something in books that he's too afraid to do in his everyday life.

After his morning class, Kyungsoo sits at one his favorite places. There’s a lake surrounded by tall trees, budding with flowers. The white bench nearest the lake was where sat most often, observing the lotuses across the water. He has one specific sketchbook dedicated to his drawings of the lotuses. During his years at school, he's come to perfect the drawing. He sits with his knees pulls up, shoes against the bottom of the bench, colored pencils interchanging in his fingers as he draws. He likes the smudge the reflections of the lotuses on the lake, fingers smearing with color as the pencil imprints into his fingerprints. In the spare minutes between his morning and afternoon class, Kyungsoo sits and furiously draws a lotus near him. His brows tense with concentration and as he starts to draw the ripples of water, his timer goes off. He jumps in surprise and draws a small like through the lotus. Kyungsoo frowns slightly and packs up before heading to his art class.

"Final Project. Create a piece with the following theme: emotion."

Kyungsoo stares down at his new assignment with confusion. "Emotion?" He sighs and stares down at the paper, as if it would make more sense to him. Someone asks the instructor a few questions about the project, but nothing clicks. He still has no idea what to do, but he has one month to figure it out. Kyungsoo wonders why he decided to take an art class this semester.

On his way home, Kyungsoo looks around for any spark of inspiration. But he just sighs as nothing comes to him. When he opens his apartment door, he looks at his half-finished wall painting of the lake he often visits. But even that doesn't flicker anything in him.

He cleans up a few dishes and sweaters laying around his living room before heading to his bedroom. His cat, Wei, rests on a stack of his comic books. "Hey buddy," he says and pets him lovingly. "Maybe you could be my final project." Kyungsoo frowns a little and sits on his bed. He looks around his room, a few paintings on his walls and small lamp next to closet. He peeks into his color coded closest, looking at the arrangement of comic books and toys neatly placed on his floor. To his left he looks at a lineup of his shoes. "Nothing," Kyungsoo says as Wei walks across his lap. "There is no emotion in here."

Kyungsoo wanders to his kitchen. There’s a stack of plates, small apples and pears etched around the border. There's a drip from his faucet and Kyungsoo tunes into the noise, and he thinks it's probably the most animated thing he can find (besides his cat). On the counter top is a bag of cinnamon swirl bagels, a jar of peanut butter next to it. "Just breakfast. Just breakfast is here." Kyungsoo tugs at his plain white dish towel and goes to his living room. He sits on his fluffy couch and rests his head against the back of it. When Kyungsoo rubs his hands together, he quickly sits as a vision flashes in his mind. He brushes his fingers across the number he had received earlier that day, and another vision occurs. Kyungsoo had been distracted by his assignment that he forgot about the coffee spilled on his sweater that morning. On a whim, Kyungsoo decides to text the number.

to: coffee boy
Hey. You spilled coffee on my sweater.

From: coffee boy
Oh, yeah! Right! glad you messaged me. do you want me to buy you coffee or something?

To: coffee boy
Actually, I have something better in mind.

When Kyungsoo opens his door, he instantly regrets this decision. Baekhyun stands there with a goofy grin and waves. "Hey! So, you have an art project you need help with?"

Kyungsoo blinks and stands aside. "Uh, yeah. Come in. Make yourself comfortable."

"Cool place... I see you're quite the artist," Baekhyun says and points to the huge wall painting.

"It’s a work in progress."

Baekhyun sits on the couch and Wei sits next to him. Kyungsoo’s eyes widen when he realizes he still hasn't changed his sweater. "I’ll be back." Kyungsoo nervously shuffles to his room and finds a clean sweater before returning. "Would you like some tea?"

"No coffee?" Baekhyun says in a jokingly.

Kyungsoo’s not sure what to say, so he stands in the kitchen preparing the beverage and a few snacks.

“Thanks for agreeing to help. I’m not really sure what to do yet." Kyungsoo sets everything down on a black coffee table and sits on the floor near Baekhyun.

"So this isn't a one time thing? We’re going to have to spend time together?"

Kyungsoo blinks, staring at Baekhyun.

I guess that's okay. It seems like you could use some friends...."

Kyungsoo takes a cup of tea and sips it, unsure of what to say.

A/N: Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!! Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday, or just spending time with people who love you. c: I normally like to respond to comments individually, so I’ll definitely be doing that this time around.

Few notes about the chapter:
Sorry if this feels kind of forced/rushed. I just kind of need to get past this part. More vision related baeksoo interactions will follow this chapter.
Kyungsoo’s cat is taken from Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. I suggest checking him out!
I also picture Kyungsoo with thick glasses and hair swept off his forehead...artist!soo. But that felt clichéd so I just left it to the imagination.
When I say Kyungsoo's not an art student, I meant that it's not his major. Not that he's not continuously learning art.

Okay think that's it for now. Thanks to you for reading this! See you next time. c:

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, pairing: baekhyun/kyungsoo, rating: pg-13, title: lotus on the water

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