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Masterfic List

Last updated: February 10th, 2012.

Big Bang

Crushed Fingertips | G-Dragon/Seungri | G | Angst, Fluff
Jiyong pays a visit to Seungri in the middle of the night .

Blonde Honey | G-Dragon/Seungri | G | Angst, Fluff
Jiyong's jealous of Seungri's new girlfriend, and he doesn't even know.

You're Royalty | Jonghyun/Key | PG-13 | Fluff

Key and Jonghyun were abused as kids. They meet at a summer camp, and even though Key can't even talk, Jonghyun shows him that he is royalty every year they're together.

A Second Of Infinity | Jonghyun/Key | PG-13 | Fluff 
In which Key and Jonghyun are two abused children who love each other no matter what.
[ This really isn't a sequel to You're Royalty. Maybe more like an extension/interlude/lost plot bunny. It will definitely help to read that first though. =] ]

Tell It To The Train | Key Centric | PG-13 | Angst, Tragedy
SHINee was too much for Key, and his trick of telling everything to the train stopped working.

Like This | Jonghyun/Key | PG | Angst
Key and Jonghyun think about the future where unicorns and rainbows don't exist. 

Street Rat | Part 2 | Jonghyn/Key | PG-13 | Crack, Humor
Key's life is turned upside down when he meets the modern day Aladdin – in a dumpster. 

Hero | Jonghyun/Key | PG-13 | General
Jonghyun convinces Key to donate blood


Shattered | Jaejoong/Changmin | G | Angst
Changmin doesn't like it. Doesn't like being torn apart so easily; he's a built an image on snarky comments and playful bullying.

Toxic | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | AU, Romance, Friendship | Ongoing
Yunho has a reputation for being a player. So what happens when his best friend's roommate is his next target?
[1] [2] [3] [4]

Delirium | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13] AU | Ongoing

Yunho doesn't know how he suddenly landed himself in a town with a population zero. He doesn't know why he's suddenly losing his vision, either. But when he meets Changmin, a whole new underground opens up and all he can do is follow the messenger.

Super Junior

Drawing Spirals On Your Skin | Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | PG-13 | Angst
In which Kyuhyun is a little drunk and Zhou Mi is his saving grace.

Dreamscape | Heechul/Hangeng | PG | Angst
"What if we treated everyone we cared about a little better?"


Over The Horizon | Jonghyun/Key, past Jonghyun/IU; other fandoms | PG-13 | AU | On-going [Hiatus]
Jonghyun must learn to come to terms with his death and figure out how to get into heaven. Recalling his memories and learning all about his past life proves to be a hard task, but it's nothing his guide, Key, can't help with. 
[1] [2]

Secondary Effect | Super Junior, DBSK, SHINee | PG-13 | Superpower!AU | On-going [Hiatus]
Four friends escape the confines of their expermental lives to venture into a place with people who understand them. Who are just like them.

Wonderwall | Changmin/Kyuhyun | PG-13 | Life, General, Romance 
Kyuhyun's a rich kid who has everything he could ever want. Changmin's a poor kid who has work hard for what he wants. They're constantly separated by life's difficulties. Will they defeat the odds, or learn to move on? 

Attic | Changmin/Kyuhyun | PG | Angst
There's a silence, and Changmin's already erratic heartbeat sputters and screams in his chest, making his insides curl with uncertainty and doubt.

Junk Food | Changmin/Kyuhyun | PG | General
"Do you ever pay attention?"

Earthquake | Changmin/Kyuhyun | PG-13 | Tragedy
Changmin wishes he could, wishes just tell Kyuhyun that he loves him one last time.

Learning To Breathe | Changmin/Kyuhyun | G | Angst, Friendship
"It will be okay."

Goodbye | Thunder/IU | G | Angst
“You'll be okay, right?” She asks him worriedly, fingers twining together.

Glitter & Ice | Changmin/Kyuhyun | PG | Friendship, Love
He doesn’t remember when the kiss stops and when he breathes again.

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Deleted fics:
Plastic Hearts
Sunset Cannons
You Talk Too Much
All I see
I Wanna Tie You Up
Lifted High
Empty Weekends
The Space That Divides Us
Advanced Placement

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